Hyperbole Greatest Hits

Post by: Grant Rodiek To celebrate Labor Day 2013, I thought it’d be fun to share and link to some of my favorite interviews, guest columns, and posts over the past few years. You might have missed them! Enjoy and tell … Continue reading

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GenCon 2013 Prototype Preview

Post by: The Board Game Design Community Hello! Welcome to the latest preview post, which combines the efforts of many board game designers to  share what to expect and look forward to at this year’s GenCon. Many of us will be … Continue reading

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Designer Diary: Intrigue

Guest Column by: Jay Treat My oldest lasting game idea is a trick-taking card game where each suit belongs to a player. I’ve been working on variations of this game for over a decade. If that doesn’t sound like a very long time, you’re probably … Continue reading

Protospieling Dawn Sector

Post by: Grant Rodiek I attended my first Protospiel this past weekend in Milwaukee. I spent 3 days hanging out with good friends, playing my game, Dawn Sector, and playing many of their outstanding prototypes. Originally, I planned on writing a post … Continue reading

How to Use Feedback

Jay is fresh from Unpub 3 where he took a few of his new prototypes to test with a flood of designers and gamers alike. He’s also been participating in the PPP program. Therefore, Jay’s input on gathering and using … Continue reading

2013 Designer Community Preview!

Post by: The Design Community! The question “what are you up to?” is often asked, but folks are busy, secretive, or just not quite ready to share. On a whim, I bugged the community a few times to send me blurbs … Continue reading

Form Versus Function

Guest Column by: Jay Treat I learned several valuable lessons at Metatopia a few weekends ago. Firstly, there is no such thing as bed-time. You will be up late. Every night. And you will love it. Secondly, making connections—the kind that … Continue reading