Design Tenets

Post by: The Community

I sent out a Tweet stating my design tenet.

"Try to manage uncertainty with the tools you have." - Grant Rodiek

Several other designers followed up with their own, and I thought I'd share them here. I'll add more if others are sent my way!

"Clarity, with, and surprise. To paraphrase: speak clearly, say something interesting, and smile." - Brett Gilbert

"Find the fun. Fun = engagement." - Sen-Foong Lim

"Incentivize interesting decisions." - Gil Hova

"It's fun to tame chaos." - Daniel Solis

As a side note for Solis', I think it's interesting because it's very similar to mine. But, the subtle tweak is that, in my opinion, Solis' prioritizes the journey, whereas mine the end result.

"Guess what the other players are thinking." - Phantom Knight Games

"Does every rule serve the game?" - Brian Engelstein

"Managing 10 pounds of crap with a 5 pound bag." - Joshua Buergel

Josh cheated and sent me a second one.

"Design what you know." - Joshua Buergel

"The players make the game." - Jay Treat

"Why play this game? Game design is all about a hook or creating a unique experience for me." - Matthew Gravelyn