The Farm Fresh Plan

I've posted many of the details contained in this article on different channels, but I want to condense everything to a single post for folks to read. I want to provide an update on Farmageddon: Farm Fresh Edition, including my publishing plans and schedule, the art team, pre-order campaign, and the current design.


Ideally, I'll have Farm Fresh in my hands late summer as I plan to send it to the manufacturer at the start of March, as soon as Chinese New Year ends. For those not aware, Chinese New Year takes place typically in February or March and all of China, and therefore the factories, shut down at that time. Progress on all things manufacturing halts. Therefore, if we get started around March 1st, that means we can hopefully receive the game around August or September. This puts us in a good position for the holiday rush.

The hope is to have the rough manufacturing proofs for my May conventions, but, we'll see.

Farmageddon: Farm Fresh Edition will have an MSRP of $15. It'll come in a high quality two-piece box, will have 106 linen finish cards, and a nice folded rule sheet. If you have a copy of Hocus, you have a really good idea of what I'm talking about. Hint: The components are almost identical.

I'm also printing 2 promo cards, which will largely act as a pre-order or direct sale (online, conventions) incentive. I imagine they'll also be on the BGG Store, and I will happily mail them to fans for $1 (or something like that). I'm fairly anti-exclusives, so these are merely meant as a sweetener, much like the Needle Rapier for Mice and Mystics. The 2 promo cards will be two copies of a new FrankenCrop - the Selfish Starthistle. It's a LOT of fun, so trust me, this is a promo you actually want to use!

One more thing I'm excited about in this edition -- there will be a reference card. This is a really simple way to aid new players and remind them of their actions. By cutting Fields, I gained 3 cards back, one of which is a Reference card, the other two are Promo cards. Efficiency!

Why is it Farm Fresh instead of 2nd Edition? 

I want to have an updated entry in the BGG database. This is almost a new game and I want it to receive its proper due and attention. A LOT of work has been put into this new version, as well as investment in time and money. However, the 1st Edition is technically the one I released on The Game Crafter in 2011. This makes the version released by 5th Street the 2nd Edition. I don't want to put 3rd Edition on the box, so taking a cue from Microsoft (said nobody ever), I'm choosing a more playful name instead.

Farmageddon: Farm Fresh Edition is a mouthful, but it's more charming and plays into the personality of the experience.

Schedule and Art Team

We're in the final leg of design balance right now. I feel firm about the core mechanisms -- not much has changed, but we kicked the crap out of the tires to really double check everything. Most of the cards haven't changed in a while, but we're tweaking one or two and that has repercussions. We want to ensure all cards are compatible and have clean text that jives nicely. This morning, we revised one card, which forced me to add 3 new words to another card to make them fully compatible.

Art development will begin in February. I'm thrilled to announce Brett Bean will be returning to illustrate the new Starthistle. Brett illustrated the cover, basic Crops, and Farmer cards from the base game. Brett is truly a visionary, world class artist, and having him involved is just thrilling. Erin Fusco's beautiful FrankenCrops will also feature prominently in this version. If this version is successful, you will all be in for a huge treat when you see her work on Livestocked and Loaded. Overall, the illustrations you know and love from Farmageddon will not change.

Graphic design will be handled by the fantastic Adam P. McIver of Cre8tive Dept. Adam handled the graphic design for Hocus, which is why our box is so striking, our icons are perfect, and the card back is phenomenal. The brunt of the visual overhaul will be done by Adam. I have about 5 years of feedback I wish to incorporate! His work will include:

  • All new icons for Fertilizer, money, and the card icons.
  • New layouts for all the cards to better highlight the art, and provide subtle cues for Farmer cards versus Crop cards.
  • A professional rules layout. The 1st Edition rules were basically text on a white background. We can do better.
  • Overhauled and revised box layout. You saw what Adam did for Hocus...
  • New card backs for the Crops and Farmer cards.

Essentially, this will be the most beautiful and striking edition of Farmageddon ever. This is THE version to have.

Pre-Order Campaign

In order to get Farmageddon to market more quickly and experiment, I will not be using crowdfunding to cover its costs. Hyperbole Games LLC will pay for the printing entirely out of pocket. We're currently planning a 2500 copy print run.

Once the game is on the boat, and therefore 1 to 2 months from customer hands, I'm going to setup a pre-order campaign for the game. I may use Big Cartel, which is our current online store, or I may experiment with Celery. I need to examine the payment options and interface of the latter to evaluate.

I may not use either! Why? Beginning at the end of January, will be getting a makeover. I'm working with a web designer to overhaul the entire site, and by April or May, it'll be a more fantastic, useful experience. I'm so thrilled!

So, we'll see.

Taking a note from Plaid Hat Games and Stronghold Games, I'll be offering a steep discount, probably 30%, promo cards, and early delivery for the game. The pre-order will only be available for North American customers, as the game is licensed for Europe by my partners there.

Long term, I do not want to use crowdfunding. I don't think my long term company views are ideal for the platform. Namely, I don't want to use Stretch Goals, I don't want to pay 10%, and I don't want to delay production by 30 days. I'm curious to see how this pre-order campaign will go, because if it goes well, and Hocus and it sell well in the market, I'll be willing to take more risks with future games. But, even though I'm not using Kickstarter, I will be doing the legwork to support the campaign. This includes:

  • Ads on BGG
  • Previews from external sources
  • A how to play rules explanation video

Pre-ordering Farmageddon will be an amazing way to support my little company and get a great, beloved game in your hands.

Current Development

Progress on Farm Fresh has been made at a ridiculous pace for a few reasons, including:

  • I've been working on the changes since about 2012
  • Many of the changes have been tested by the European publishing partner
  • With my local QA team and myself, the game is getting 3-7 tests per week
  • We aren't really changing the core, allowing us to focus on balance and tuning.

Unlike Hocus, which was a miserable balance exercise, Farmageddon is rather simple. In Hocus, every player has 3 guaranteed powers they can use repeatedly. In Farmageddon, players are dealt a pool of cards they choose to use. This means, instead of head to head balance, I more need to monitor trends to ensure the game adheres to my goals.

For example, by increasing or decreasing the amount of Protection in the Farmer deck, or adding one more Thresher, I can make the game significantly more, or less, aggressive. In Hocus, we had to balance a cage match between 8 super honed predators. In Farmageddon, I merely need to ensure the ecosystem feels fair, that good combos aren't too common or easily executed, and the game has good flow.

Plus, you know, I've been working on the game in one form or another since 2011. Soon, I'll be engaging various text experts to ensure the wording is perfect. Cannot wait for their scorn!

Print and Play

There has never been a better time to grab the Print and Play. This version features all 106 cards, including the new reference card, and the two Promo cards as well. The graphic design is entirely placeholder, but the version is stable and lots of fun.

Read the rules here

Download the file here

Any questions or comments?


The expansion added a lot of strategy and some good flavor for those who had played the base game a lot. I think the new version of the base game is a huge step forward and I really look forward to revising the expansion for it.

Yep...seemed like a fun expansion, but we never got to try it. We did enjoy the base game, so I will see if I can talk myself into printing the PNP or just waiting for the preorder. Good luck!

Look forward to trying it out! We enjoyed the 5th Street edition, but traded it before the expansion debacle. Will those cards ever make an appearance?

I will revise, develop, and polish Livestocked and Loaded and publish it to go with Farm Fresh if Farm Fresh sells. If it doesn't, no, they won't see the light of day. Is that what you meant by "those cards" ?