Hyperbole Road Map

I am constantly thinking about the future of Hyperbole Games. As you saw in the 2015 Annual Report, I am in the midst of phase 1, which is a 3-5 year plan. The focus of this is establishing a brand and releasing good, solid games designed by me, me and Josh, or Josh.

Games take a really long time to come together. Development entails at least a year to start talking. Art can take several months, but more importantly, good artists are busy and you need to give them ample lead time. Graphic design can take a month or two and again, lead time is key. For manufacturing, cash flow is key. It's good to plan things out in order to align everything and prepare for success.

Remember, amateurs study tactics. Professionals study logistics.

I thought it might be fun, or interesting, to reveal where we are at with our various objectives, what is planned, and what we're working towards. The idea is to reveal the "under the hood" thinking of a small publisher.

2016 Efforts

  1. Farmageddon Farm Fresh Edition Release
    1. Status: with the manufacturer (aka development, art, and graphics complete)
    2. ETA: September-October 2016
    3. Funding Plan: Hyperbole Games financed
    4. Pre-Order Plan: Pre-Order when the game is on the boat, modeled after Plaid Hat Games. 30% discount, discounted shipping, promos.
    5. Should be at retail for Black Friday.
    6. 2500 copies
  2. Hocus (Reprint)
    1. Status: Files updated. Waiting on April sales report.
    2. ETA: If we hit the button (very likely), it'll ship with Farmageddon to save on cost. September-October 2016.
    3. Funding Plan: Hyperbole Games financed
    4. Pre-Order Plan: We'll offer a deal for people along with Farmageddon to hopefully drive a small influx of cash flow.
    5. Should be at retail for Black Friday.
    6. 1500-2000 copies (Not decided)
  3. Foreign/Publishing Partnerships
    1. Farmageddon (Trefl): Hoping for a summer/end of year royalty check.
    2. Cry Havoc (Portal): Gen Con release. Early royalties probably in early 2017.
    3. Hocus partners: Reach out to 2-3 foreign publishers about foreign distribution.
  4. Development
    1. Project Gaia:
      1. Development ongoing.
      2. Working towards POD prototype to send to testing audience.
    2. Martian Empire
      1. Development Ongoing. Begin broad blind testing this summer.
      2. Need to hear from a few more trusted validation points.
      3. Working on theme and worldbuilding development.
      4. Manufacturing quote received.
      5. Artist selected. Contacting soon.
      6. Begin art in late fall after Farmageddon pre-order cash infusion (?).
      7. Schedule graphic designer for November/December (?).
    3. Kriegspiel early design investigation.
    4. GOATS early prototyping.

2017 Efforts

  1. Martian Empire Release
    1. Status: See above.
    2. ETA: It won't be ready by October, which is the latest it can be crowdfunded before holidays. I also don't want to cannibalize focus from Farmageddon. Looking at a February Kickstarter, with a summer release (July/August).
    3. Funding Plan: Hyperbole Games covers art, graphic design, development, and has manufacturing buffer. Use Kickstarter funding to aid.
    4. Pre-Order Plan: Kickstarter. Discount, reduced shipping, promos.
    5. Copies: Ideally 3000-5000. The hope is that we surpass our Hocus success (3600 copies).
  2. Hocus Reprint (?)
    1. 1500 copies (?)
  3. Farmageddon Farm Fresh Reprint (?)
    1. 1500 copies (?)
  4. Farmageddon: Livestocked and Loaded Development
    1. Pending Farmageddon retail success
    2. Short development needs to balance it with Farm Fresh Edition changes.
    3. Update graphic design to be compatible with Farm Fresh Edition.
  5. Project Gaia Development
    1. Broad balance testing.
    2. Begin illustration.
    3. Schedule Graphic design.
  6. GOAT Development
    1. Pending design and early testing.
  7. Kriegspiel Development
  8. Hocus Sequel Design
    1. Standalone Game
    2. 1 New Suit (to replace Owls), 6 new Spell Books
    3. Bigger Box to hold both games, sleeved
    4. Drafting Format (?)
    5. Compatible with Hocus, completely standalone

2018 Efforts

  1. Farmageddon Farm Fresh Edition Reprint (?)
  2. Livestocked and Loaded Release
    1. Status: See 2017
    2. ETA: Send to printer at start of year for Summer Release.
    3. Funding Plan: Hyperbole Games
    4. Pre-Order Plan: Direct pre-order with discount, discounted shipping.
    5. Copies: 2500
  3. Project Gaia Release
    1. Status: See 2017
    2. ETA: Early year Kickstarter. Summer release. Share shipping with Farmageddon reprint and L&L.
    3. Funding Plan: Kickstarter to aid manufacturing. Hyperbole Games to cover cost of development, art, and graphic design.
    4. Pre-Order Plan: Crowdfunding via Kickstarter
    5. Copies: 3500
  4. Kriegspiel Publishing Prep (?)
  5. GOAT Publishing Prep (?)
  6. Hocus Sequel Publishing Prep (?)

You can see that we have a lot of plans and a lot of unexpected elements. Many of these things can change, may never happen, or the entire company may die before any of these opportunities can occur. But, this is the plan and it's a lot of stuff that will take a long time to execute against.

Currently, the things limiting more rapid growth include low capital (only one product on the market for revenue), and limited testing resources. Hopefully as we demonstrate our competence as a publisher, more people will be willing to help us test!

What do you think? Useful? Not?


That was useful. I'm just a bit disappointed I have to wait so long for Livestock and Loaded. Please take my money sooner rather than later. :-)

I need Farm Fresh to sell first!

Hi Grant

That is a nice looking roadmap. Well thought out.

I have a question about the timing of Martian Empires Kickstarter campaign. You mention that it is not ready for October so you are looking at February. Is that because you don't see the Holiday months November, December, January as good for Kickstarter campaigns?

Best regards

Colum Higgins

I would never run a KS in Nov or Dec. Never compete with Xmas.