Quagmire Issue 1: Rex

Welcome to the first issue of Quagmire! If you're not familiar with Quagmire, you can learn about it here

This first issue is somewhat atypical, as it's about Rex: Final Days of an Empire, but also Dune, its predecessor. Dune was designed by the team of Bill Eberle, Jack Kittredge, and Peter Olatka. While Dune has been out of print for decades and is very difficult to obtain, Rex is still decently available at local stores and Amazon. Rex was published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2012. 

Throughout the week, I'll be adding new articles to this issue. But, they'll all be linked here in one tiday place in case you want to read the entire issue. 

  • Article 1: A Primer on Dune - Learn about the legendary book that inspired the game and countless pieces of fiction.
  • Article 2: The Landscape of Rex - I write about the games released around the time of Dune and Rex to provide context. 
  • Article 3: The Review of Rex - I give you my thoughts on the game. 
  • Article 4: From Dune to Rex - I write a detailed analysis about the changes in Dune as it was developed into Rex.
  • Article 5: The Rex Strategy Guide - I provide high level tips on how to gain the upper hand.
  • Article 6: Interview with Peter Olatka - I interview one of the three legendary designers to created the game.
  • Article 7: Inspired by Rex - As designers, Rex can teach us a great deal. 
  • Article 8: How to Play Rex - This is a visual guide on how to play. Due to a website bug, I cannot post this yet. Stay tuned.

Above is the entire first issue of Quagmire. What did you think? What did you like? What did not not like? What would you want to see more of? I'm already beginning to work on Quagmire Issue 2 to be released in December or January. Thank you for reading!