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What is the Press Saying?
"I think it screams. I wouldn't change a thing."

Tanguy Serra

"Finally got in a learning game of Five Ravens over lunch today. My brain hurts too much to tweet anything more about it."

Randy Flynn

"Must say, I love the amount of choices there are in this fast paced game."

mattyd77 (BGG User)

The crow glares from its perch. Crumbs of granite fall as the crow scratches its claws. You quicken your pace to pass it and hear the creak of the door too late to sidestep the hand that grabs your shoulder. You’re pulled inside and pressed against the wall forcefully as the smell of the rotting timbers floods your nostrils. Your assailant removes her mask and peers into your eyes.

It is the Muscle.

"Once again you’ve been careless with your steps young Raven.” You say nothing. “The Baron refuses to leave Schloss Böse, so we must go to him.” She hands you a sealed envelope bearing the wax seal of Master. She steps back into the darkness and once again it is silent.

You tuck the envelope into your pocket and step back into the empty street. The fog is thick and almost hides the whole of Schloss Böse. You make haste and disappear once more into the fog.

Five Ravens is a tiny deck and tableau builder for 2-4 players. Which of your Ravens are you willing to sacrifice to avert the Baron’s catastrophe? Five Ravens takes  about 20 minutes to play.

Every round, you will lose one of your powerful ravens. But, when captured, they provide a new bonus - or penalty - that will change your decisions. As your deck evolves, will you be able to capture the most valuable relics to avert catastrophe?