First Pass Art for MLH

I spent the majority of my Sunday and a bit of time on Saturday night making a complete pass for all the art for my new prototype, Molly's Last Hope. I needed to put in so much effort for a few reasons.

  1. First and foremost, I'm making this game for a contest that's due March 1. I don't have time to NOT test the art as well.
  2. Because it's a contest, I can't use scribbles on index cards or borrow clip art. It needs to look respectable.
  3. Because I can't draw, and funds are limited, I needed to work harder to find available art that worked.

Luckily, the internet is a fantastic place. I used two sites to help me source the art for my cards:

Both of these sites provide hundreds of free, quality, and legal icons/symbols to use for games and other projects. I used them for the symbols, then worked with a friend, Chevee Dodd, to create backgrounds and provide other input. I'm not a great graphic designer and I need a lot of help using Photoshop.

Quick note on Photoshop: You can obtain a free and legal version of older Adobe products from their site here.

I'm really happy with the result of my work. Now, I just need to test it to ensure the game is great and worth submitting AND the art supports it. I thought I'd walk you through a handful of cards and dice symbols that I've created for the game.

Fleet Cards: Both players have one of these. This denotes where your Fleet is currently in Orbit, which determines what cards you can play and to what Territories. Below is the Insurrection Fleet. Note the black triangle in the corner. This is the symbol for "Fleet" for the Action cards. I put it here to provide a quick association for players.

Territory Cards: A grid of 9 of these form the Planet Board.

Battle Maps: On the backs of every Territory cards there is a Battle Map. When a Battle occurs on a Territory, players use the Battle Map to quickly build the site of the battle. The Battle Maps also indicate rule changes to provide variety. This is the map for the City (Territory Card at the top of the post).

Action Dice: In Battle, players roll 1-3 custom Action dice. These dice indicate the Actions, including Movement, Suppression, or Firing. Note the numbers in the bottom right corners -- these are used both for Movement AND when initiating a Spider Drop (i.e. orbital paratroopers).

Combat Dice: When Firing on an enemy soldier, roll to see if you miss, Hit, or have a Critical Hit (for Cover).

Action Cards: On their turns, players will player or Discard an Action card. If they play the Action Card, they use the Action on the bottom of the card. If they discard it, they can move their Fleet once, or move one Squad on the Planet once. The first two cards are Confederation cards. The last one is for the Insurrection player.

Card Back: Finally, this is the back of the card.

I'm going to print out a copy and sleeve it around regular cards so I can begin testing the art. If it works? I'm going to put in the time to convert the cheap placeholder diagrams in my rules to use these more final ones. I'm most excited to use my beloved corgi-filled Hyperbole Games logo on the box.

Wish me luck! Thoughts?


Hi Grant,
This looks pretty nice. Thanks for the links too. I'd be interested in playtesting this when you are ready.

Thanks Tom! I tested last night and it went well. I hope to enter this into the PPP soon.