The GenCon 2013 Prototype Preview How To

In case you don't follow me on Twitter, or you do and you'd like more information, here it is!  Much like the Preview Post we created at the start of the year, I'd like to work with the design community to create a GenCon 2013 Prototype Preview post. This will hopefully include dozens of designers and their games. The idea is that the post will show off all the cool games coming to GenCon to give the community an idea of what to experience. And perhaps, just maybe, a publisher might see something he/she wants to demo?

If you'd like your game(s) included in this post, send me an email with the following information:

  • Name of your game
  • An image of your game setup or being played
  • Basic information (player #s, length of play, age)
  • The elevator pitch: a quick line covering your game at a high level
  • The detailed pitch: a few sentences or bullets explaining the game in greater detail
  • Your contact information IF you want. I can embed it into the post so hopefully it prevents you from getting spammed?

I'll be gathering emails this week. I'd like this to go live in June 24th, so that should be plenty of time to get your information to me.

Let's do this!