Flipped: The Blueprint Preview


It's a rainy Saturday here in San Francisco. I spent my morning updating the prototype for Flipped and I had an idea: why not create an image based preview that explains the game? Welcome to the Flipped Blueprint Preview!

Flipped is a euro-style game for 2-5 players. The game is meant to be played in 60 minutes or less and features worker placement, resource management, and a dash of area control. The player with the most points when the Property deck (30 cards) expires, wins.

The meat of the game revolves around assigning your crew to:

  • Buy Property
  • Improve Property
  • Woo Clients

Your crew is an abstraction of the money, time, and labor required to buy homes, fix them, add improvements, conduct real estate sales, and more.

Points are earned by flipping (i.e. selling) properties. You earn more points for adding improvements or catering the home to a client's specifications. At the end, having flipped the most properties in a neighborhood awards a bonus.

The Legend


Crew Members





Home Inspections


Special Property Cards





Neighborhood Value



Home Improvements








Returning Crew


What do you think? Was this useful, clear, interesting, and informative? What did you find confusing? This was a bit of a content experiment, so I'd love your input. If you're curious for more, I wrote some quick and dirty rules. Comments allowed in the document.


Thanks for sharing this preview! I think the combination of the theme, the mechanics, and the level of complexity sound like a winner. I'll look forward to seeing it evolve.

I hope so. Need to put in some work to take it to the next level.

Great presentation. Really helpful for pitching a game, or explaining the basics of a game to interested PnPers lacking experience with more complex Euros. I also personally prefer slideshow-type listicles or text with graphics, over demo videos. Just an aesthetic thing.
The game itself also looks like a lot of fun, and a good mesh between mechanics and theme.

Thanks Fin! The first two tests have gone well. I personally feel the game needs a bit more of a unique spark, so I'm iterating on that (in my mind) now. I'll be building off the core I have here.

I appreciate you checking this out!

I love this idea for a Blueprint Preview. It could really work as an attachment when soliciting feedback from other designers, or when contacting publishers.

Your game sounds pretty interesting too. You could make the house that come up for sale random, instead of one from each area. That might model reality a little more closely, and it would create more variance from game to game.

Thanks for the kind words, Al! The houses that come up ARE random. I didn't think about it, but the fact that one from each neighborhood show up is pure chance. There's a stack of 30 cards, one per house. The distro is: 10 As, 8 Bs, 4 Cs, 8 Ds.

Yes, reading back I get the confusion. I put cards come from 4 neighborhoods, then one from each happened to be drawn. I meant to note: there is a pile of 30 cards. You draw off the top at random and the cards are comprised of properties from 4 different neighborhoods.

I like the description! I'm sure that took quite a while to put together, so thank you for taking the time to do so!

This strikes me as being the expanded Euro version of 'For Sale' :)

I should probably play that at some point then! I'm actually re-designing the scoring/points mechanic to layer atop the current core, which strikes me somewhat as a Speicherstadt-ish feel.

Really digging this photo preview. Not gonna hear any complaints from me about a Euro-style real estate game either, great job.