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We were all chatting the other day (Grant, AJ, Matt, and Chevee). We noted how we all met through the design community, have all made millions of dollars*, and all have almost 1000 Twitter followers (except Chevee, but he’s bad at math and 400 is close).

We wanted to celebrate this and share some of our games with the awesome Twitter, Facebook, and otherwise game community.

This week we’re hosting our FreeStarter Game Design Community Group Hug Giveway. Or, FGDCGHG for short. Each of us are giving away 2 games for two different drawings.

The Serious Gamer Drawing: The entrant who wins this will receive free copies of:


If I’m Going Down by AJ Porfirio


Space Mission by Matt Worden


Battle for York by Grant Rodiek


Tuesday Night Tanks by Chevee Dodd

The Casual Gamer Drawing: The entrant who wins this will receive free copies of:


Tessen Classic designed by Cardboard Edison and published by Van Ryder Games


Dicey Curves by Matt Worden


Farmageddon by Grant Rodiek


Scallywags by Chevee Dodd

Entering the contest is easy. Follow these 2 Steps!

1. Follow each of us on Twitter:

AJ Porfirio

Matt Worden

Grant Rodiek

Chevee Dodd

2. Email Grant at . Tell him which drawing you wish to enter: Serious or Casual. Unfortunately, due to costs, ONLY contestants in the United States can win. It simply costs too much to mail 4 games from 4 people to Europe or the rest of the world. We realize this is lame.

Otherwise? Cross your fingers and hope we draw your name.

We hope you love our games and have as much fun playing them as we had designing them. If you’re attending GenCon in August, hit us up! We’ll all be there, probably together, probably playing games. We’ll be posting conversations between the four of us all week if you want to learn more about us or our games. But reading? Totally not required to win free stuff.

Good luck and thanks for making this community awesome.

Grant, AJ, Chevee, and Matt

*not true

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