FreeStarter: And the Winners Are…


Firstly, me, AJ, Chevee, and Matt want to thank all of you for this week. It’s been a lot of fun. We created FreeStarter as half thank you gift and half marketing effort. What’s awesome is that it completely worked. We have met so many new people who are board gamers, nerds, you know, people like us, and that enriches the community and makes things more fun for everyone.

So thank you!

Secondly, before I announce the two names, a FRIENDLY WORD FROM YOUR SPONSORS! That’s us. Almost all 8 of the games are available for purchase. If you were really interested in one or two of them (or all!), feel free to support independent, struggling, aspiring designers who are working really hard every day to make it. We seriously love this stuff and hope we can make a few of you smile in the process.

Games from Matt Worden


  • Dicey Curves
  • Jump Gate: A note on this! Space Mission is the Europe-only release that is largely based on Jump Gate. This Jump Gate is the 2nd Edition. 3rd Edition is being released in the very near future.

Games from Chevee Dodd


  • Tuesday Night Tanks
  • Scallywags

Games from AJ Porfirio


  • If I’m Going Down
  • Tessen is not currently available for sale. It will be on Kickstarter in the very near future! You should see the new art. It’s awesome!

Games from Grant Rodiek


  • Farmageddon
  • Battle for York: I’m waiting on the first copy from the printer. Assuming everything prints properly and doesn’t need additional work, it will be put up for sale on Print & Play Productions. Stay tuned!

And the winners are…

Serious Game Competition: Danny Devine!

Casual Game Competition: Todd Edwards!

Give them a follow, congratulate them, and say hello! I know both of these guys and they are awesome. I’m so glad the random hands of fate decided they should win free stuff!

Thanks everyone!

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