Grant’s GenCon Schedule

Post by: Grant Rodiek

In case you want to meet up next week, I thought I’d quickly outline my public schedule. In general, email and Twitter are great ways to get a hold of me. Or, look for the tall, lanky guy wearing a fedora. I’ll be the short, chubby guy next to him.

My #1 goal for GenCon 2013 is to find a publishing partner for Battle for York. If I found a home for York, then immediately following this AJ sucker punched me using his formerly professional baseball player arm, I’d still see the week as a net positive.

I will have Battle for YorkBlockade, and Farmageddon: Livestocked and Loaded with me. I’ll also have a pile of cards with which I’ll be diddling with Drafty Dungeon or Norcal when I’m bored. So, what I mean to say is, these last two won’t make any progress.

Blockade packed and ready.

Wednesday: I arrive in the evening. First step will be to dump stuff at the hotel, then get my badge from the GM will call booth.Then, I have a meeting. Once that is done, I’ll probably be hanging out with pals.


10 am -12 pm Testing Blockade at the First Exposure Playtest Hall

12 pm – 2 pm Testing Battle for York at the FEPH

2pm ish I’ll be participating in Jeff Tidball’s panel on game design


8 am – 10 am Testing Blockade at the FEPH

10 am – 12 pm Testing Battle for York at the FEPH

4 pm – 5 pm Participating in the First Time Game Deisgner’s Workshop in the Embassy Suites with Chevee Dodd, some others, and the Building the Game Podcast folks.


10 am – 12 pm Testing Blockade at the FEPH

I have a few meetings in the afternoon.


Nothing planned, unless Wednesday night doesn’t quite line up.

If you’re interested in seeing Blockade or York played as a publisher, consumer, or just want to watch me test, please feel free to swing by my FEPH sessions. I’m confident in the products and will be happy to let you watch random people play them. Last year my friends would swing by to heckle me, so don’t worry about imposing.


See you next week!

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