Play Details: 2-4 Players, 30 Minutes, Ages 8+

Farmageddon is a highly accessible, Parent’s Choice Award-winning game that puts players smack dab in the farmer’s boots. On each turn you’re going to plant and fertilize Crops. However, this is where things get tricky! You cannot harvest your crops on the turn they are planted, which means they’ll need to survive the dastardly efforts of your conniving opponents!

This is where Action cards come in! There are 12 Action cards in the game that help you earn more money for your crops, steal your opponents’ crops, destroy crops, move ‘em around, protect your crops, and cause all sorts of mayhem.

You can only play two Action cards each turn. The key to success is deciding which two to play and which opponents to target. Oh the choices!

Farmageddon features the outstanding art of Brett Bean and Erin Fusco. The art was designed to inspire, delight, and make you laugh. I hope to work with these two on future games.

Farmageddon was in development for 14 months when it was licensed by 5th Street Games for publication. The game is available for purchase at Amazon or the 5th Street Games site for only $15!

The first expansion for FarmageddonLivestocked and Loaded, is in art production now. It is expected to be available Spring 2014. The expansion introduces Livestock and Weather mechanics, as well as new Action cards! A 15 card FrankenCrop booster pack is also in art production.

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