Hyperbole [hahy-purbuh-lee]: obvious and intentional exaggeration

I chose Hyperbole as my moniker because my enthusiasm for games tends towards the extreme. I fail to dip into things with moderation and my efforts in design are no different. I love them and I go all in.

I’ve been a Producer with Maxis for over a decade and a hobby tabletop designer since 2010. I love making games more than playing them! It is the combination of refinement through user testing, imaginative art and graphic design, clever problem solving, and a desire to entertain and tell a story that excites me.

We’ve made a few games!

Farmageddon, was published in 2012 by 5th Street Games and won a Parent’s Choice Award. Farmageddon Farm Fresh Edition is being printed now! We’ll have a pre-order campaign for it at the end of the summer 2016.

Cry Havoc, has been signed by one of my favorite publishers, Portal Games, and will be a Gen Con 2016 Release.

Hocus, is available now as the first Hyperbole Games title. It is a co-design with Joshua Buergel. An incredibly successful pre-order drive was concluded on Kickstarter in July 2015. Hocus was a competitor for the 2016 Mensa Mind Games competition. We have ordered a second printing that will arrive at the end of summer 2016.

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Grant with Peaches, the Hyperbole mascot

What can you expect from Hyperbole Games? We answered this in a blog post! Here are the core values for our small studio.

  1. Hyperbole Games is a designer driven studio. We will publish games that exist because we had to make them. We will design games that we want to create and play because they will be a blast.
  2. Our games are distinctly beautiful. We will work with our favorite artists to craft distinctive components to bring our games alive.
  3. We publish games that we can do best ourselves. We will still seek publishing partners for designs that need them. If it has our label, though, it’s because it is a game we needed to do in house. This means our games will probably be a little weird, more niche, and more at home with small print runs.
  4. Our games are developed extensively. This is important, especially as we live in an age where barriers to entry are being removed and it’s sometimes far too easy to release a game out prematurely.
  5. We strive to have wonderful relationships with our customers. Manufacturing glitches happen – we want to replace your parts, no questions asked. If you have a rules question, we’ll be there. We want to end every interaction with a happier customer.
  6. We will always make things more metal. 

For customer service or any other needs, contact me.

Grant on a panel at the Santa Clara UnPub/Protospiel.

Grant on a panel at the Santa Clara UnPub/Protospiel.

I’ve been interviewed a few times: