2-5 Players, 30 Minutes, Ages 14+

CoverNightly, the Wizards of the academy gather in the basement to complain about ignorant nobles, boast of their ethereal exploits, and spend what little magical energy they have left in a high stakes game of Hocus. It is a classic game twisted and enriched with the trickery of magic and spells.

Hocus is a collaborative design from Grant Rodiek and Joshua Buergel that takes some of the best parts of poker and combines them with several fresh ideas to create a unique experience.

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2-4 Players, 30 Minutes, Ages 14+


Farm Fresh produce is in higher demand than ever! There’s just one problem. Well, several. Higher demand means more yay-hoos trying their hand at the soiled science. There are also rampant dust storms, errant robotic threshers, and… FrankenCrops? No worry. As they say, the early bird gets the worm, and any taters attached to that worm.

Farmageddon is a game of skillful hand management for 2-4 players that takes 30 minutes to play. Choose when to Plant, what to Fertilize, and with a little luck, you’ll be the master of the farmers’ markets when the dust settles.

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Martian Empire

2-4 Players, 30 Minutes, Ages 14+


Martian Empire is a game of drafting, deception, and double think for 2-4 players. As spymasters working for your Great House, you must outwit and outmaneuver your opponents as you work to claim the imperial throne.

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Cry Havoc

2-4 Players, 90 Minutes, Ages 12+

pic2888751_mdThis design is signed to be published by the incredible Portal Games in 2016 at Gen Con.

Cry Havoc is an asymmetric, card-driven war game for 2-4 players that plays in about 90 minutes. Experience four unique factions in a bleak science fiction environment.

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Sol Rising

2-4 Players, 45 Minutes, Ages 13+

AdmiralHumanity finally left the safety of Earth to settle, terraform, and extend their dominion to the other celestial bodies of the Sol system. Aided by the physics defying technology of the Maanen drive and humanity’s never ending push for autonomy, the colonies became independent planets.

In the ensuing wars, both cold and hot, two powers rose to dominance: the Republic of Mars and United Terra.

Sol Rising focuses on the conflicts, big and small, of the Sol system primarily involving United Terra and the Martian Republic.

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Project Gaia

2 Players, 30 Minutes, Ages 14+

SetupProject Gaia is an ambitious game packed into only 75 cards. Players act as supremely powerful beings fighting for control of new planets being formed in the cosmos.

The game combines deck construction/drafting and tile laying in a completely contained experience. Assemble your forces and make the planet yours!

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