Journal: 10/30/2017

I continue to be suspended from Twitter with no information or end in sight. Fantastic. I had a great weekend and wanted to cover a few quick topics today.

How 'bout them Astros: This was a rough baseball season. The San Francisco Giants lost damn near 100 games, which is a lot of losing. The Dodgers to the south meanwhile had an amazing season. It sucks when your key rival is having a banner year and your team is just miserably bad. Baseball is a slow, methodical sport with a long season and it's tough to endure that much sadness. 

I'm 100% a Giants fan, and have been since the day I arrived in San Francisco. In fact, the week I moved here I watched the Giants play, and beat, the Astros in AT&T park. I thought it was a good passing of the torch. But, with the Giants out of the playoffs, I am of course cheering for the Astros. I'm not a fairweather fan, I'm not going to suddenly buy an Altuve jersey, but I lived in Houston for 17 years. I get to cheer for them.

Last night's game was amazing. It ended in the 10th inning with the Astros dramatically scoring the 13th run to just sneak ahead and win it all. If you don't like baseball, or think it's too slow, this five hour game may not convince you it's worth watching. But man, the drama! Dodgers get an early 4 run lead, then the Astros crush a three run homer to tie it up. Dodgers get ahead again, then the Astros crush another home run. The Astros have a HUGE 7th inning and pull way ahead. You think it's over. No! The Dodgers come back again. The 9th inning goes without a run and they go to extra innings. 

Both teams are phenomenal. Every error or mistake hurts badly. When you see a guy come to the plate and swing so hard you think his arm's might fly off it's just so tense. 

My main thought was about how nerve wracking it is to watch your team in the World Series. I haven't had that for a few years, but I remember tensely sitting alone on the couch while Beth was at the bar with friends. In a weird way I was thankful that I'm historically tied to the Astros, not emotionally tied. Otherwise, last night's game might have killed me. 

Liar's Dice: We had friends over to watch the game last night. Around the second bottle of wine and the 6th inning we busted out the dice and started playing Liar's Dice. After a hilarious moment where the cap on the tube that holds the dice dropped out, spilling 30 dice on the floor, we began chucking them in earnest. Such a good game! It's so tense and hilarious at every reveal. It's also funny when someone has ALL the dice of a number, or NONE, and you're just shocked because it doesn't go your way.

It's hilarious, simple, and so good. 

Tomorrow I'm going to do a big post to cover my plays this month, particularly my plays of games new to me. I have over 120 plays in October and I've played 20 games that I've never played before. I have some HARSH THOUGHTS on many of the games I've played, so swing by to read them.