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Game Info

Nightly, the Wizards of the academy gather in the basement to complain about ignorant nobles, boast of their ethereal exploits, and spend what little magical energy they have left in a high stakes game of Hocus. It is a classic game twisted and enriched with the trickery of magic and spells. Hocus is a classic card game beloved by ancient folk, now redesigned for modern humans who may or may not have the gift of magic. It is about managing a limited hand of cards and wielding spells to create ranked sets of cards that are superior to your opponents’ sets. Using elements from classic Poker games, Hocus expands and revises them to create a fresh and magical experience.

What is the Press Saying?
It’s an excellent game that will charm its way into your hearts and gaming schedule. 9 magic wands out of 10.

Board Together

This is quickly emerging as one of my favorite small box card driven games.

The Morris Standard

Hocus is the perfect game to throw in your bag – great for lunchtime gaming, filler, warm up, and cool down. All around, Hocus is just a great little game that we highly recommend!


With impeccable artwork, quick gameplay, and a diverse array of strategies at the ready, Hocus has levels of breadth and depth that aren’t easily discerned at first.

Cardboard Republic

Hocus features the gorgeous and imaginative illustrations of Tiffany Turrill, brought masterfully together by the graphic design of Adam P. McIver. Their contributions make Hocus a beautiful, thinky card game that's perfect for game night. Hocus is a collaborative design from Grant Rodiek and Joshua Buergel that takes some of the best parts of poker and combines them with several fresh ideas to create a unique experience. **Design Inspirations**: Texas Hold ‘Em, Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, Magic: The Gathering