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Post by: Grant Rodiek

At ease, admirals. I wanted to quickly gauge interest in a limited Mars Rising PNP. I say limited because it will be, for the time being, just a few scenarios. This is because I only have 3 I’m ready to share and because I want to limit the effort it takes to create the PNP.

For every scenario I specify the ships and components needed, which means you don’t need to build the entire game to play it. To play scenario 1, for example, you would only need:

  • Print the board, which you simply tape out of a few 8.5×11 pages
  • 15 ship cards
  • 6 regular d6
  • 20 quarter sized tokens (if you have a circular or square punch this’ll take seconds)
  • About 15 tokens (cubes, Summoner Wars damage markers) for damage
  • 12 Squadron tokens (really quick to cut out)

Basically, the effort, for a PNP, is relatively minor.

My hope is to gauge interest in the design, confirm my local testing, test the quality of the rules, but also, gather any scenario and ship ideas you might have.

It will take me a few hours to put this all together, so if nobody is interested, I’d rather put that effort elsewhere. If you’re interested in printing and playing the first, second, and third scenarios (essentially the intro to the campaign), comment below, email me, or hit me up on Twitter.


6 thoughts on “Mars Rising PNP

    • I’d be interested in your thoughts there. There’s no hidden info, so it’s soloable.

      I’d also be curious on your take on rules to make it a solo variant. It’s something I think is possible.

  1. If you end up doing it I might end up printing it out. You could just use quarters and pennies for many of of the tokens.

    • Unfortunately, many of the tokens have symbols on them. Yes, pennies work for damage, but for the Events or System Failure tokens you need tokens with art.

  2. I never got around to printing out the last version you gave me, but it sounds like it’s changed a good bit since then, and I’m no longer in crunch preparing for a con, so I’ll take another stab.


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